Regression after 2.15.x: when Aeros is a slave, there are no clicks before recording

I just figured out that in 2.17.x and 3.0.0 have a regression compared to 2.15: I use BB as master, and I often want to start looping without drums, and drums kick in later. So I do this: start BB (to make it generate MIDI start command, so Aeros knows the song position), then I pause BB, then I hit Record on Aeros: at this moment, Aeros waits for certain time before the next measure starts, and then it starts recording. The problem is: before it starts recording, there are no clicks. Clicks only start when the recording starts. On 2.15 it worked correctly, so it got broken in 2.17.x.

I didn’t find any settings for that, and also the count-in setting doesn’t affect it (count-in setting only affects the situation when Aeros isn’t a slave), so it looks like a regression.

Anything we can do about it? It’s a pretty annoying one, I do rely on those clicks a lot :frowning:

I confirmed this issue is fixed in 3.1.3. Thanks.

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