Reinstall BB Manager

When I reinstall BB Manager should I delete old BB work space folder or let it stay in Documents folder? Can I use my SD card with all my previous to load project in new BB reinstall?

You can reinstall the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as long as you

  • are not having problems with the content of your bbworkspace folder
  • your project on your SD card is your latest sync from the BBM
  • reinstall the BBM and use File - Open Project (from your SD card) and follow the prompts to save to your bbworkspace folder (you might have to give the project a new name so as not to overwrite the existing project in your bbworkspace/user_lib/projects folder

If you are having problems or issues with the content or performance of your BBM, this might be a good time to delete the bbworkspace folder (back up all projects if you use more than just the one on your SD card) and replace it with the Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
you can still use the BBM File - Open Project on your SD card and save it to your bbworkspace /user_lib/projects folder