Relabel Song Sections

Feature Request: Be able to relabel BB song parts by song section i.e. Verse, Chorus, Bridge (via BB Manager Software) instead of Part 1 Part 2 ect. This feature request would help the community be able to keep appropriate track of the sections of a given song we have been working on.

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Maybe I’m missing or not understanding what you’d like to accomplish with your feature request.

Users already have that capability by being able to name any MIDI file that they add to the song. In the example from the screen shot, here’s a song with the MIDI parts named for their respective song section in the Main Drum Loop column.

What I’d rather have as a feature is the ability to rename the added MIDI file within the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

It would be good if there was an option to show that name on the beat buddy screen when playing


Is it possible to rename song parts i.e. Verse, Chorus , Bridge?
Instead of Part 1 Part 2. ect?
Any help would be appreciated

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In BBM? That would be cool!

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Not at this time.

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Yes. My intention was to have the song sections show up on the actual screen during performance.
I don’t think I made that clear in my feature request

Hi Robert!
We meant it would be awesome to be able to label what you want to see on the BB screen onstage.
As much or as little as the user wants to show in the heat of battle.
We’re a duo doing the work of a trio on up to to a big band while onstage:
It’d be great to simplify the screen a bit.
You can’t imagine the tap-dance…

Pete & Sheri Paznokas
The Deaf Bunnys Band
“Rock Hits from the Fifties to Today!”
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While playing, I’d rather see Verse1, Verse2, Chorus, Bridge on the BB screen rather than Part1, Part2, Part3.

Thanks for Considering!