relatively new with midi

Question? when I midied my Korg Krome into my Nord Electro 5 all I want to do is use the sounds from the
Nord and be able to sustain them… but as I change my programs on the Korg it affects the Nord. I tried to disenable program change(Krome) which stopped the sounds from being altered(Nord) but now I lost the sustain to the Nord
what am I doing wrong?

Hi, Steve. I must be missing something. How is the BeatBuddy tied into this?

is this not a midi question forum???

Nope. It’s a BeatBuddy forum. Hopefully someone can answer your question in the Nord user group.

I don’t think the issue is with the Korg settings. I think it’s in the Nord. Try the nord with Program change set to “send”. This will keep it from getting unwanted CC signals from the Korg. Is the sustain pedal connected to the Korg or the Nord? If the pedal is on the Nord, I think that would work.