Release Notes for BB Firmware Updates

Are the release ‘notes’ for all released versions of BB firmware archived somewhere that can be downloaded? I’m putting together a notebook of information for reference and would like to include this information.
I believe the versions released are 1.85, 2.04, 2.70, and 3.20 (?)

BeatBuddy MIDI Commands.pdf (21.4 KB)
BeatBuddy MIDI Commands.pdf

I was looking for more of a format like the attached PDF for v3.20 which lists functional changes, misc. changes, and bug fixes.
BB Firmware Release Notes 3.2.0.pdf (137.9 KB)
I found this somewhere that I don’t recall at the moment, but not on Singular’s site where the actual firmware can be downloaded.

The pdf you posted is useful and certainly one that will get into my collection of notes.

I saw somewhere (and downloaded but not installed) a 3.50 version. Is this legit?


You can download from the quoted post if you have doubts about the one you have.

It is ‘legit’, but be aware that it states that it is a ‘beta firmware version’. ‘Beta’ implies that it is a version, that while it works as the developer intended, may not be fully tested and does convey some risks in using it. By installing and using the beta version you become a tester to find any obscure bugs that the developer may not have uncovered in his testing.
It would be wise to have an older version of the BB firmware available in the event the beta version does something unexpected .

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