Remaining storage display and storage on card

I must be nearing the maximum storage of songs in the Aeros, but there isn’t any way to know how full it is. In any event, it would be great to have the card storage feature activated.



That would be a good feature. I would guess when they implement the SD card function that they’d have something like this… even just an approximate percentage full number would be handy.

+1 to this!

Definitely +1!

@AnthonySostre: Any news on the card storage front? I am almost certainly pushing the boundaries of on-board storage space & I’m getting desperate.

What will happen if I try to store a song that exceeds the remaining storage space?

The feature is in beta. We’ve had a couple of bugs prevent public release. Got a new beta version last night and we have two members of the team testing full time in office and when playing at home.

So, soon. :slight_smile:

Regarding storing a song that exceeds space, I’m not sure, I’ll ask and get back to you.

This is implemented in current tested version. Will be out soon! Thanks for the feedback!

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Very good implementation. Thanks!

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