Remote display at music stand

When performing with my beat buddy I find I have to keep looking down to the Beatbuddy display at my feet. Is there any way of setting up a secondary display (maybe via iPad or laptop - I have a mac) which can be set up on/near my music stand?

Given enough time and money, ANYTHING is possible but in reality, the short answer is no.
Most people seem to use OnSong or a similar app to setup their BB (selects the song, sets the tempo etc) each time they select a song in the app. That way they don’t need to look down at their feet so much. I’ve no experience of that but it seems to be a common solution to the problem.

I added a third foot switch to the pedal that’s in parallel with the main foot switch so I can put the whole pedal up higher. Do a search for the Norbert Hack to find threads showing how to do this. It voids the warrantee though.

I use a iRig blueboard and have programmed all my commands into it. It has 4 buttons. I then use the pedal that I bought with BB for cymbal crashes and tempos. I use ONSONG for midi commands so since you can’t program a stop it changes the BB when I move to the next song instead of leaving it in pause mode.

I think a remote display can be done.
There are many of use with the electronic know how in this forum
all we really need are the detailed specs on what type of display is in the BB.