Remote Display - Don't Look Down

How can we view BeatBuddy pedal displayed information without looking down? That is, on an eye-level device (such as an I Pad.)

Lots of discussion and feature requests for a remote display.

Now that the midi cable is here, does that allow for new integrations? How are you solving this problem? What is the configuration for wiring / connections / software / devices which are able to reproduce the same pedal display information? Not looking for controlling the pedal remotely…

Users have posted their solutions to this forum. Most of them involve elevating the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal by placing it on a stand.

Well, then one can no longer “step” on the pedal…

Elevated to waist height with a two button foot switch here. Works well for me like this and in easy reach to tweak the knobs. At 72 years old bending down to floor level isn’t as easy as it used to be :rofl: Eyesight may have been better as well.