Remote display

Any update on a Remote Display for the BB?
I’m finding it very difficult to see the pedal during live performances.

Nothing yet from Singular Sound. Sorry.

I had built something to see the tempo at eye Level. It uses Midi signals output connector going to a box with an LCD display that shows each beat in a 4/4 measure. its ok and works good for starting, transitioning and hitting fills on the right beat without having to look down. it dos get a little blurred when doing tempos higher then 200 and right now only dos 4/4 time sigs. Was hoping a real remote would be coming soon through.

Thanks folks. Pity nothing is pending. I rely find it difficult as I wear glasses or contacts.
Was thinking of maybe a digital camera mounted above the BB pedal which would display onto a an IPAD or laptop.
Seem like a lot of work though.

That is a quick, good temp fix until they come up with something. I like that idea. It really is nice to have the display at eye lvl because even if you get into a song one very rarely looks down by accident but most often look forward and if the tempo is right there then you are reminded where you are in time right at that moment.

I think I might have to revert to Norbert’s Hardware Hack method. Do you know if there are any improvements to this.
If not it seems to be the best option.

Has anyone tried building something with the midi designer app? it looks like it could be an interesting idea as a remote, but they don’t have a lite or trial version. I’ve been struggling to see things mainly because I am so far using this as a keyboard player so it’s sat underneath next to my other pedals as I play. Still getting my head around Bandhelper to control things, but it would be nice to have some sort of control board and display/feedback of current settings certainly.

I can’t see it being worthwhile for singular to create their own physical remote device…it would need to be wireless midi, so why not make use of tablets and phones that already have that capability, and create an app themselves maybe? Maybe work with MIDI Designer Pro team to create a layout themselves that we could purchase?