Remote Foot Switch Not Working

hi, got BB and the foot-switch from them, surprise the foot switch already dead, bb does not recognize the right button, I open the thing and was shocked to see pretty much nothing inside, cheap made for sure.

So anybody could please confirm if I can use the Boss FS-6 with the bb, really appreciate some feedback before I buy it.

have a great day.

Make sure you are using the TRS patch cable.

Use the settings to detect the remote foot switch left and right buttons.

Yes, you can use the FS-6.

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thank’s persist, what is TRS cable? thx

The TRS cable is also known as a stereo cable. Here’s a picture:

The TS cable is a mono cable:

They are not usually interchangeable.

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oh ok, so i need to 2 trs, one going to BB input L and R from the FS 6 and another on from BB out going to my amp?

You use the TRS patch cable to connect the FS-6 (or your BeatBuddy remote foot switch) to your BeatBuddy Footswitch jack port.

If you are using the default songs and drum sets that came with your BB, you can connect the Left output from the pedal to your amp input (mono).

Always helpful to read the user guide as it walks you through getting up and running with your BB. BeatBuddy User Guide

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Where the TRS cable connects to your BB. The other end of this cable connects to your remote pedal.

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than you

thank you