Remove dmain drum loops


Noel is my name and I have recently got my Beat Buddy.

I have some song where I do not like the first and second loops of 11 in the song in total.

Can I remove the first Two and have it start on the Third Loop.



Welcome. You certainly can edit the song to taste. A few helpful tips:
Edit a copy of the song so that you easier access to the original beat.
Click on the Xs indicated by the red arrows in the screen shot.
If you find you’ve made a mistake, you can always use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) undo

I have done that so now I want to export it to my SD card but get the attached error .image

It looks like you may have deleted the loop and not the whole part/line containing the loop. The far-left box in every part is the main loop, and every part must include a loop.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks Joe

Good luck! Let us know if that was it.

Yes that was it Joe, I now see you have to go over to the X on the extreme right to remove this part which is what I wanted to achieve

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