Remove SD card before attempting firmware update

I have a 32GB card in my Aeros, ready to go for when those features are available. Apparently, that does not play well with the firmware update feature. The firmware (2.8.2) downloaded to about 52% and then the screen went black. Aeros restarted and gave message indicating that a firmware update card was needed from support. It also said to remove the power cord and plug it back in. I removed the cord, and also the SD card, since I don’t have a card from Support. I restarted the Aeros, and it still showed 2.7 firmware, but it did boot properly. I then tried the auto update, and it went through the process properly and applied 2.8.2.

Verdict, as the title to this message says “Remove SD card before attempting firmware update.”


I just tested and have the same results.