Remove songs in bb manager

Hi :slight_smile: I want to create a shorter “songlist” on my beatbuddy for saving time at gigs by not having to scroll through the entire menu. Have purchased a backup sd card for this. So my question is: how do i remove songs in the bb manager?

Fairly simple process: from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) select the song or folder you want to delete and then from the menu Songs > Delete Song (I don’t bother with the menu, I just use the keyboard shortcuts).

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There’s another option that we use a lot:

  • Organize your songs into sets in BBM
  • In your original project, export each of your sets using Export Folder
  • Reimport each of them, renaming them as you go (maybe, “Set 1 - Short”)
  • Pare down the sets as appropriate.

Then I put the sets of sets at the top of the list in order of frequency-of-use. My BB holds three complete shows’ worth of sets and has tons of leftover space, so room on the SD is not an issue. And you can use the new SD card as a backup (they do go bad from time to time).

Just a thought.



Thank you !!

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