Removing old firmware

I just bought a new beat buddy from L&M and there were a couple of issues.
First the card was missing all the ballads, but I solved that. Now my problem is I must have messed up with the original download of my first BB years ago and am having problems. What I would like to do is remove everything BB from my computer and start over Any suggestions?

Mac or PC?


I’ll post some instructions but it won’t be for several hours. Probably after 2100 EST.

From the title of this thread, it appears you want to update your old firmware and the body of the post states you want to remove everything BeatBuddy Manager-related from your Mac.

If you haven’t done so yet, you should download and read the user’s quick start guide: link

Download and unzip these files:
Download For Mac BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software (this is not a zip file—it’s an image file)
Download Firmware
Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder this will take several minutes to unzip
Download SD Card backup v2.1

Delete BeatBuddy Manager app and all content from computer

  • use Spotlight to find all instances of bbworkspace and then Move to Trash;
  • also look for any instances of BeatBuddy and Move to Trash
  • the exception is to not delete any premium library content files you might have bought from Singular Sound

Delete contents from SD card

  • Place the unlocked SD card in your Mac’s SD slot reader
  • Use CMD-A to select all content and Move to Trash; empty the Trash; Note: DO NOT USE DISK UTILITY TO ERASE THE SD CARD OR FORMAT IT

Update firmware on the BB pedal

  • with the SD card still in your computer
  • drag all files and folders from the unzipped firmware folder to the top level of your SD card (you can also use copy and paste)
  • eject the SD card
  • with the power off on the pedal, insert the SD card
  • power the pedal up and allow it to complete the firmware update—DO NOT INTERRUPT—should take ≤ 3 minutes
  • power off to the pedal and move SD card to computer SD slot

Install the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) app to your computer

  • double-click the BBManager- file
  • accept the end user agreement and the image opens in a new Finder window
  • drag only the BBManager app (upper left corner) to the Applications folder (upper right corner)

Install the BBM library bundle by dragging the BBWorkspace_default_content_backup-v2.1 folder to your Documents folder

Install the SD card backup v2.1 to your SD card by dragging the files and folders from the unzipped folder BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project to your SD card

Launch the BBM app

  • while holding the ctrl key and clicking on the app; this brings up a contextual menu; select Open
  • a Finder window should open; navigate to this location in your bbworkspace folder (the path on my computer looks like this: /Users/persist/Documents/BBWorkspace_default_content_backup-v2.1/default_lib/projects/BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project/BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project.bbp) and select the BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project.bbp file); select Open

Use the BBM - File - Open Project and

  • navigate to your SD card; the BBM should open the project that’s on your SD card
  • the BBM will prompt you to save the project from your SD card to your computer bbworkspace folder;
  • accept the prompt and navigate to your bbworkspace folder—you’ll be prompted to name your project and this time it’s a slightly different path which is where the BBM manages user projects (this is what the path looks like on my computer /Users/persist/Documents/BBWorkspace_default_content_backup-v2.1/user_lib/projects)
  • select Open or Save (can’t remember which prompt)
  • accept the prompt to synchronize this project to your SD card
  • eject the SD card and try out the songs on your pedal

If you’re having problems, please let me know where you get stuck.