Renaming Song Deletes Sections of the Song

Firmware : 4.0.2 (Latest as of 20211028)
I was using the Aeros as means to record songs with guitar and vocals (single track) so that I could play back each song and set guitar and vocal EQ etc. without having to do this live. I had saved a number of songs to the internal memory and It was at about 75% full. I decided that I was going to rename them from the default name of Song-1, Song-2…etc. and when I did this I found that nearly all the ones I renamed were truncated after about 5 seconds with nothing saved after the 5 or so seconds even though the length of each loop / song remained consistent with the original. In other words it would continue playing with no sound and nothing recorded.

I think this was an issue with a previous firmware because one of the firmware updates indicates that this was fixed (or at least something similar to this bug).

Also, it seems that the Aeros is trying to save the entire song when all it needs to do is update the name…is this not possible because of the song database structure?


PS - After experiencing the issue above I have found that when creating a new song which I then try to save, the save process appears to work but when it returns to the main loop screen the recording has gone; there is nothing there. It is retrievable however by re-selecting the song again from the list.

Difference in midi clock settings. If you change the clock settings on like the BB from what you recorded earlier and try to replay it will do what you are saying.

Set your clock the same or disconnect midi cable.
It is a known issue being worked on.

And don’t touch the “Song_1” this is bugged