Renaming songs in playlists

Hi all,

I’ve had my beatbuddy for a very long time, but only ever used the beats that came with it in the standard folders. I now want to create a setlist with songs in it using the beatbuddy loader software.

But I’m now a bit stuck - here’s my process so far.

  1. Go to the songmatching tool and find my song. e.g. SRV Pride and Joy is ‘beatbuddy: Blues 1’
  2. Create a playlist using the beatbuddy loader software
  3. Select the ‘Blues 1’ song in it’s folder and from the menu select ‘add to a playlist’
  4. Now that it is in the playlist I would like to rename it ‘Pride and Joy’, but there is no option to do that.

Can someone tell me what process I should be following to get a list of songs with song titles into a playlist?

Thanks in advance!

You would need to use the BB Manager to accomplish that. I have a songs folder on my computer, so I would

  1. Create a folder called Pride and Joy in that folder
  2. Using BB Manager, load Blues 1 and export the song to the Pride and Joy Folder. This creates a .sng file.
  3. Import the file you exported back into BBManager.
  4. Set the Song Name and Tempo you need. Make any other changes you need (Remove/Change the intro, add a different fill, whatever) and Export again. This will create a new .sng file with a name that matches the Song Name you set in BBM.

You now have a “Pride and Joy” song file with the correct tempo and beats.

I haven’t used the BB Loader yet, but at this point I assume you can load that .sng file into a folder and then add it to a playlist.

Thank you.

i was able to export and rename the ‘blues 1’ song from the standard beatbuddy songs and then reimport it using a different name. Then I put it into the playlist. The only gap is that I can’t set the tempo.


Yeah you’ll still have to use the BB Manager for that. But it should be pretty simple to update the tempo in BB Manager and then export the update, if that’s all you need to do.

I don’t believe the BB Loader has any ability to modify the song itself.

You might need to make a copy of the song before you change the name, otherwise you might no longer have the original. I’m not certain of this , though.

I think you are right. I exported under a new name and then imported into a folder with the new name.

Do you still see ‘Blues 1’ in your folder?