Repairing method for BBManager exported files. 100% successfull.

Thanks to AxelSchweiss, pointing Windows media player can plan any BBManager exported file, he gave me a Workaround idea to repair BBManager exported files with 100% success.
Steps to follow :
1 - right click the BBManager part to export it as fileA.mid somewhere else than the default folder (very important, BBM is bugged there),
2 - I personally used Aria Maestosa version 1.4.12 (freeware) which have the ability to put notes on the timeline, right in place and same lenghts.
3 - Import fileA.mid in Aria Maestosa,
4 - Export it as fileB.mid
5 - Import fileB.mid in any Midi editing software, it works !
6 - Re-import fileB.mid in BBManager, it works again !
7 - Cherry over the cake, it works fine also with original SingularSounds beats provided with the BBuddy, even if it seems BBManager do not export the tempo.
I’m not sure this method be the best method for repairing midi tracks with polyphonic instruments playing long duration notes, but it fits good for any percusive intrument track. Maybe the dead a long life bugg…
Now I can edit, copy, paste, any part to proceed the assembly of OnePressButton songs with my favorite OpenSource midi editor. Cool…
Can someone give me feedback about this repairing method ?