Repeat Part # Times Feature

I am fairly new to looping, so perhaps someone can explain how they would do it, but I would love to see a repeat function. For example:

Suzie Q:
Currently: | E5 | E5 | E5 | E5 | E5 | E5 | A5 | C5 Bb5 |

Repeat: Play E5 once, hit repeat to get 6 and play the last two bars. Now, I can start playing the riff.

Right now, I have to play all 8 bars OR create two parts (requiring me to create my acoustic Gtr percussion twice) OR pre-record the 8 bar backing 2nd Gtr. Regardless, either boring OR a lot of foot tapping OR unimpressive to the audience.

I look forward to your insights!

In 6x6 I would use locked tracks and create a one bar percussive groove. On part two, do one bar of E5. On part three, your one bar of A5 and part four, your last two chords. This is all much easier if you have a midi foot controller. Without you’ll be worn out tap dancing. Upon finishing recording your initial tracks begin playback allowing part two to play 5 times. Part three 1 time and part four once.


Oh, I don’t think I’ve explored locked tracks yet. I think that would work and just one tap from the first 6 bars to the last two. Better for songs like Suzie Q where sometimes there 2nd gtr just stays on the E5 endlessly. Thanks!

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