Repeatable crash by sending CC:113@0 when stopped

Firmware 4.1.3. - I have to yet found the way to replicate this strictly every time but I’m tracking it down! It usually happen when I boot the BB for a show, then I test all my MIDI functions and when I come to my Next Part CC:113@127 button while the BB is not playing, it just crashes and reboots. From then on, it won’t do it again until next reboot.

Thank you for reporting! We are looking into it

I think it’s actually when I call my Finish transition at next measure function : (CC:113@0) exclusively when the BB is not playing that makes it insta-crash-reboot. I cannot test it quite right now.

Yep, you can crash a stopped BeatBuddy by sending CC:133@0.

Just curious, what does your test suite looks like for the Beat Buddy ?

Thank you yes this is being worked on

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