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Hi, I’m new to aeros just trying to figure things out .I have beat buddy, aeros, and maestro , when I’ve finished recording a part with the beat buddy and saved it and play it back is beat buddy meant to start as well because all I get is the recorded guitar part . I thought beat buddy would recall the drum genre used and part changes used during recording when I saved a song .

Hey there, not possible at this time

Also, this would require Aeros to be the Master, which will be possible soon but is not yet possible

The next version of BeatBuddy, 4.1.x will have MIDI song select being sent every time you open a song (this must be enabled, it is disabled by default), this will allow you to open a specific Aeros song using MIDI Song select, you can read more about MIDI Song Select in the Aeros manual!

How to set up a song with MIDI Song Select on the Aeros

First, the user must open the song, and edit the song settings (click the pencil icon in the Loop Studio)…

There are two relevant settings, MIDI Song Select and the MSB+PC setup. First, you must enable MIDI Song Select. Once enabled, the user can set which MSB (0-127) bank and which PC command will be required to open the song.

By using a MIDI controller capable of sending CC:0 (remember, this represents the general MIDI MSB bank) + PC commands in a sequence, you can open that song at any time.

How to open a song with MIDI Song Select

Step 1: Set a song to respond to a specific set of MSB and PC commands. Read how to do this above. Remember, MSB is represented by the CC command CC:0, the value decides which MSB bank is activated. For example, CC:0 value 4 is MSB 4.

Step 2: Set your MIDI controller to send a CC:0 (MSB) command set with a value between 0-127. In some devices MSB commands are sent differently, refer to your MIDI controller’s manual for more information on sending MSB commands.

Step 3: Next, set your MIDI controller to also send a PC command with a value between 0-127. This should be sent after the MSB command, if sent before it will not work.

Step 4: Send both the MSB and PC commands (in that order) to a MIDI channel the Aeros is currently listening to. Make sure the Aeros song you are tying to open is set to the same MSB and PC values you are sending.

Step 5: Your song will open.

ok thanks

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