req: main pedal one-click pause/unpause for non-live situations

Pardon me if this has already been suggested and discussed, but I didn’t find this specifically when reading through the forums.

I would like to be able to use the pedal on the main unit to pause/unpause playback on the first click. I’d be willing to sacrifice anything else it could do to have a mode that simply pauses/unpauses (or start/stop cleanly, if that’s a better description).

Explanation: I intend to use my BeatBuddy strictly for studio practice, not for live performance. In that case, I don’t even put the pedal on the floor, but up on a table, where it’s totally convenient to access all its functions with my hands. Not playing live, the intro, outro, song change, etc. are just not necessary for me to control by foot in real time. So the numerous control features are fun, but simply not needed, as I only ever really need to pause/unpause playback. I do frequently adjust tempo, but it has its own dedicated knob. I have the BB footswitch, whose pause/unpause is exactly what I’m talking about (although it doesn’t precisely “start”), but in my situation I just wouldn’t need the footswitch at all if I could start/pause/unpause from the main unit. Eliminating the footswitch would move one more device and patch cord out of my congested practice area. Perhaps the BB could be given a “simple” mode to accommodate a user who wants to use it as a glorified metronome so that the more finely grained control features take a back to the most straightforward possible way of starting/stopping playback?

Having adjustable pedals would be great to have.
Yet, current firmware version doesn’t allow for changing main unit pedal functions.

So instead of MAIN PEDAL > “press to fill”, you need a “press to pause/unpause”… surprised this isn’t implemented yet.

Mr. Scudd, You might try using an Boss FS-5U switch plugged into the “Foot Switch Jack”. These operate with “Minimal Force” and you could tap it with the heal of your hand easy enough. It is “Programmable” within the Beat Buddy and sells for about $24.95. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.