Request: Alison by Elvis Costello

Any current beats match this one? If not, could someone create it. Great tune. Cheers

As requested

YOU ROCK!! Thanks so much… Will be using that on my first gig with BB this weekend.

Would you mind sharing your process on how you so effienctly created the song, and then the PDFs. i have a ton of songs, and would like to be able to contribute. Your workflow seems very fast…

Before you try to apply my process, I strongly recommend you read the tutorials posted on the forum by Guitar Stu and aashideacon at

A generic summary of my process which will work for either Mac or PC:
Find sources for

  • the original artist on YouTube; I listen for the key the song’s playing in
  • a good midi file; Google has been good to me; I download a couple source files unless one doesn’t sound good
  • chords & lyrics; Ultimate Guitar UG at; I make sure the version has solid reviews and is in the key that the original is in; if not in the original key, it’s easy to transpose in UG; if I’m doing a big band or jazz song, I use the Real Book v5
  • I usually just drag the chords and lyrics directly from the web page into Word, edit, and save as a pdf to my desktop
    Transcribe the song
  • I use Logic Pro X (and Reaper); Phil Flood has a pretty good process Logic Pro X at post #4
  • I have created several macros in Logic Pro X to easily convert drum instruments to align in the BBM and the particular drum kit I’m going to use; some songs I can transcribe in just a couple of minutes; other efforts occasionally take longer
  • bring the song into BBM and use the Midi Editor to check that there are no Non-Supported instruments or notes; if there are, I go back and edit them in my DAW. I do not edit in the BBM Midi Editor as it hoses the note-offs and the bass will not sound right
  • once the song sounds right in the BBM, I export to my desktop
    Package the source midi file, chords, and .sng file in a zip file and upload to the forum

    Check your forum inbox

Quick question… This play great… All the breaks in all the right places… I cant seem to get the song to stop when I am ready. I double press the pedal and nothing happens. It momentarily will stop, but as soon as I release the pedal it starts back.

As an interim fix, move the Intro to the Outro section and Save Project. You’ll have to double-press to start but it should stop now.

No dice there either. Still have to go to the pedal and load another song to stop it. I have several songs like this… Is it a pedal setting maybe.

The song packs I bought work flawlessly though.

So it sounds like this issue is with just a few specific songs. if so tell us which one of the few, if its in the resource area. if its not then upload it here so we can try it out.

Russman, although it doesn’t sound like you are, are you using the remote foot switch? As this affected Alison and possibly others of my songs, I’m digging into this a little more.

Russman, I’m using a remote foot switch and don’t use the main pedal double-tap to stop. When I tried the double-tap on an OPB song, it briefly flashed STOPPED but then continued playing. Here’s the settings on my remote foot switch:
1st Switch Stopped > Song Advance
1st Switch Playing > Pause/Unpause
2d Switch Stopped > Song Back
2d Switch Playing > Outro Fill
This behavior also seems to have changed as pressing the 1st Switch Playing stops the pedal as opposed to Pause/Unpause. If I press the 2d Switch Playing it pauses but then stops a default BB song and stops an OPB song. I will try reverting to an earlier version of the firmware to see if goes back to the expected behavior.

I’ll continue to look into this and report the issue to the firmware developers if it turns out to be an issue (which I suspect it is).

I’ll check it when I get back to my studio in just a bit… I do have a foot pedal connected.