request: Cajon + Percussion drum kit

Hi everyone.
I tried all 2 cajon kits on the website (benjo cajon and cajon by Angelo) but I don’t like them too much for that reasons;

  • first of all they are not too much realistic. Because I’m a professional singer and I’m also playing guitar with a real cajon player and my father also is a cajon player :smiley:


  • More smooth and realistic strokes
  • Puncy kick but also smooth strokes
  • maximum velocity
  • certainly it should be a “dry” kit.
  • Also can add some percussion sound like bongo, rumba, tambourine…


If you wan something that specific and suited to your needs and tastes, I suggest recording all the samples you would like in the kit and then building one. Most of us that bother to build kits find samples from existing sources on the web, or from older sample libraries that we collected over the years. Not being a cajon player, I don’t have a way to create samples. Maybe someone else can help you out with this request.

I am a cajon player. I have considered recording my own drum set for my particular needs, one of which is acoustic guitar worship with cajon, tambourine, and claps, but the Beat Buddy Premium Content World Percussion Set is actually pretty good. You can hear it here:

They also make a flamenco set with a pretty good cajon, but their recording of it has some ambience. I don’t know if they added that or if it’s built into the set. It’s one of the very few (maybe only) drumsets I have not purchased from them.