Request Copy/Paste of full Tracks in BB Manager


In the BB Manager (BBM), each track in a song may be thought of as a section (e.g. Verse, Chorus, Bridge ).

Constucting a whole song in order, by sections, one may want to create a structure like this (for example):


IOW, every section appears multiple times, in order. This allows the entire song to be played through using the “long-tap” transition jesture to go from section to section, while also allowing for vamps, jamming, fills, extensions for any/every individual section.

Problem is, such a song is rather tedious to construct because each track needs to be rebuilt from scratch every time it occurs in the song structure (right?).

If we could copy/paste full tracks, there would be no need to rebuild them from scratch and the creation process would be quite a bit quicker and more efficient.

So, I suggest implementing a copy/paste operation for full tracks in the BBM. Thanks for your consideration.

You can already do that. Hover over the track until it gets highlighted, and right click, select copy. Go to the location where you want to paste it. Click on that location, right click, select paste.

This exactly how i write all my songs (more than 60 customs full songs)…i even do Medleys of two songs into one track…it works beautifully…check out my channel for free songs and parts!

Here is my video tutorials on how to write your own parts and the whole song :wink:

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Hover where? (to select the full track, see pic)

I can hover and select individual subsections, which copy/paste as described, but I have not found a way to highlight and copy/paste an entire existing track.

Does such exist? Am I missing it?

My mistake. I misunderstood you. Yes, you can only copy and paste the subsections. And, I agree, being able to copy and paste multiple subsections at a time would be useful.

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I agree that it would be a nice upgrade to be able to drag and drop songs to a timeline to form a complete song, like Superior Drummer or Pro Tools. I am getting too old to remember to hit the Beatbuddy every time I want to change parts. LOL.