* Request * Desert Skies Marshall Tucker band

Anyone up for a challenge? :wink:

Been awhile …not a sniff or matching drum line ?..
sounds like jj cale’s after midnight, … just not the available midi version.

Wow. One of those hard-to-find source files—can’t even find it on the commercial source providers.

I found a drum track, charted the song, filled in the root notes, it’s been collecting dust ever since.
I was going to offer it up as a communal workshop to see if it could be finished by the forum,
but have been away for a few months travelling. It’s all raw … the chart , midi & sng op …
( have a listen if you like … it’s probably 60% done … needs to be ‘reapered or equivalent’ to perfect it. .) :wink:

I worked on this a bit maybe a year ago
Found a usable style on my Yamaha SX900 but I’m not at home currently. I’ll try to find it later and see if I can upload a couple verses at least