Request: Eyes of A Stranger - The Payolas

Looking for a beat for Eyes of A Stranger by The Payolas

No bass or instruments other than drums needed. Prefer a version with standard verse and chorus & fills for extended jams. Thanks!

Wow, great request! But that’s going to require a whole new drumset that mixes the cheesy Boss e-drums (I actually have a same-era Boss unit!) and the regular kit.

Watching this one!

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Which Boss unit?

A Boss DR 220e

I’ll see what I can do with the song next week.

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Much appreciated, Phil!

I found a midi for it. I’m going to work on it today.

I’d never heard of this song. I’m curious how the song comes out. The drum kit and even the beat reminds of this Josh Rouse song “Sunshine (Come on Lady)”

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Amazing, thanks Phil. Can’t wait to try it out once I get back frim the weekend!

Hi Phil,

First, thank you for putting the effort into creating this beat! I really appreciate it. I have a question, I installed the Latin 2.0 kit directly from SS, and when I play the beat, I noticed that something sounded like it was missing. I went into edit mode in the BBM and saw that in the following parts, there were a couple of midi notes that showed as “Not supported”:

  • Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus 2 Loop, Final Chorus Loop, Ending - midi #40
  • Chorus 1, Pre-Verse, Instrumental Bridge, Outro Loop - midi #47

Am I using the wrong kit, or can you let me know what channels #40 and #47 should be?

Here’s a screen shot of Verse 1:


You’re not using the wrong kit. I made the song up using Goran’s Goran Grooves plug-in. But, I copied it from an existing midi, which would have been using General Midi drum sounds for those notes. 40 is the 2nd snare, or “electric” snare in General Midi. 47 is Mid Tom 1. General Midi uses 6 toms, and Goran usually uses just 4 toms. I can move those around, if you like. I’ll do that as a 2nd version, as you can then pick the part you like best. I thought it sounded fine as it was, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to make the changes.

Done. Corrected midi files and a new .sng file are in the attached .zip.

Version 2 (7.5 KB)

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That would be great, thanks!

Awesome, thanks for the speedy fix, Phil!