Request for a couple of Badflower tunes

Hello powerful creators!

I wish to have my favorite band immortalized by having some of their music in my BeatBuddy.

I am definitely looking for OPB and possibly OPBk depending on the song.

I want every Badflower song ever written, but I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere with that plan, so I will throw a couple songs out, and see if I can get anything going here.

                                    Adolescent Love

I am 54 years old, grew up with the likes of Led Zepplin, The Stones, The Eagles, Ozzy, Dio, and so many other absolutely incredible musicians, so it is no small thing when I say that Badflower is my absolute all time favorite band and that Josh Katz is the most talented lead singer and lyricist that I have ever seen in my lifetime. If you are unfamiliar with Badflower, just look up them up on YouTube, select any song that you find. You cannot go wrong. Every song is good. Every single song…

I’ll take a shot at Heroin.

You Sir, are a jewel. I thank you so very much!

So hey, uh, whatcha doin’? kicks a can to mask the embarrassment of begging for more

Oh yeah, so Heroin works great and it just made me think of how kickass some of these other songs such as Family, Ghost, Animal, Adolescent Love, or Johnny Wants To Fight could be if they too were on my BeatBuddy.

Ghost is just hard because of the subject matter. Like Promise Me, some of their songs are just a little too emotional. Family caused an actual miracle in my life, so it’s extra emotional and very personal to me as well. It must be rough being Josh Katz and having to sing these incredibly gutwrenching songs day in and day out.

No pressure at all. Any of the above will thrill me, and if you get to none of them, I’ll still love you just the same.