Request for Bi-directional Part Navigation

Hi all,

I’d like to comment that it would be a superb addition to the BB functionality and utility if the user were able to navigate both forward and backward between song parts.

I have the SS Footswitch and my most specific wish is to be able to go backwards with the left button and forwards with the right button!

IMO, almost all of the currently required “parts vs full-song-MIDI-file” decisions that users must make would be mooted if we could navigate both backwards and forwards.

The fact that the BB can provide a part’s beat as long as desired, followed by easy foot-switched control to the next part is a HUGE part of the overall strength of the product (along with the sounds, the small size, and other features).

The only major limitation here, is the inability to navigate backwards! (to a previous part)

This is simple in concept. Ideally a full “Song” should be as potentially simple as having beats for Verse, Chorus, and Bridge (for example), with each beat/part being able to run for an arbitrarily long time, followed by a change to whichever beat/part the user wants next. The improvisational implications are enormous here!

To be clear, it would be GREAT to have two simple gestures available on the main pedal, one for next part navigation, and one for previous part navigation. However, I’m not going to address here what those gestures might be - this might or might not be a difficult conceptual problem for the one-and-only main pedal, which is already carrying alot of functional load.

What is completely un-difficult though (conceptually!) is that the two external buttons could be used one for previous part and one for next part navigation! Of course, this would require creating a firmware capability that is not present currently (as of 20190916, in this case). What I’m suggesting is that engineering this capability is probably the highest value addition that could possibly be made to the BeatBuddy product.

I sincerely hope that this addition can be considered by Singular Sound and chosen for implementation in a future BeatBuddy firmware release.

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If I’m not mistaken this can be accomplished via MIDI. So there are options on iPad with OnSong I believe, or via a MIDI keyboard or any other MIDI pedal. And when SingularSound comes out with their MIDI Maestro I’m pretty sure that will allow this.

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Well, perhaps, but any drum machine made in the last 20 years can change patterns via incoming MIDI. What other drum machine is the size of a guitar pedal and can be stepped on in a way that let’s the user command it simply with their feet?

IMO, the BB is most valuable when the aspects that make it special are fully considered and taken to the limit of the possible. I believe Bi-Directional Part Navigation is possible.

Probably a great idea and it would be nice to hear from other users that this is a must-have capability. If there’s enough demand, I’m sure SS will pay attention and try to meet that demand.


Another +1 here

I wonder, are all of SS’s programmers working on the Aeros now, or do the BB programming experts stick to their specialty and continue work to advance the BB all-the-while?

I am still so missing this feature! Just sayin’ … :cry:
(And with FW 3.8.0 I see that BB programming work continues!) :smile:

Another way I could imagine this, rather than separate gestures for forward and reverse is to have a gesture for toggle to flip between fwd/rev. A small arrow in the display could indicate whether the BB was in “fwd next” or “rev next” mode.

I can also imagine two ways of dealing with the Intro and Outro. Way #1 is to just disallow going rev from the Intro or fwd from the Outro. Way #2 is to cycle back around in a loop regardless of direction (i.e. rev from intro leads to Outro, and fwd from Outro leads to Intro.) Giving the user a choice between Way #1 and Way #2 would be most flexible, as user prefs will differ.

I so agree… I bought the BB for simplicity… not to have to mess with MIDI… this is such a simple concept. Would love to see this as a feature.

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FWIW, I’ll also add that if good bi-directional navigation were available, the case for owning the Premium Library could really start to feel compelling!

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+1 for this

I’m seeing some really deep thought being applied lately to workflow on the Aeros, and that’s great.

If we could get a small percentage of that onto this key (IMO) aspect of perfecting the BeatBuddy that would be equally great.

Singular knows the hardware and firmware and what is actually possible or not. I myself can only speculate.

How about it Singular, is Bi-Directional Part Navigation for the BeatBuddy possible, or not possible?

@sj1 my apologies for not responding to this much earlier. Yes, it is true we are mainly focused on the Aeros right now. We are also working on the auto pilot feature of the BeatBuddy, which will be the next major update.

I will investigate the possibility of adding this feature, but I cannot guarantee that it will be in the next update.

This feature is already possible with the MIDI Maestro BeatBuddy Mode – I know this is an additional piece of equipment – but it does allow you to do a whole lot more with your BeatBuddy.

Thanks kindly for your response David.

I did not know about MIDI Maestro BeatBuddy Mode (huh, my bad!). That is super-impressive.

I watched the video and I love the pattern access options - both Previous/Next and Direct Random Access!

The timing options, the accent hit options, all great stuff.

Obviously, the 6 (lit and labeled!) buttons of the MIDI Maestro really open up the possibilities and you have imagined and implemented them most superbly!

I can certainly imagine being a happy MM owner, and the future may well see me going there.

FWIW, I still think making the BeatBuddy capable of responding to the passive two-button SS footswitch with Previous/Next pattern would be a highly worthy enhancement. That switch is smaller and needs no power and many folks (incl. me) already own it. And if the BB can do Previous/Next pattern from a MIDI message it clearly could also do it under command of the two-button SS footswitch. Having a choice between the lesser alternative (two-button SS footswitch) and the greater alternative (MIDI Maestro) would be wonderful.

Finally, if there is room for one more built-in gesture on the BB itself for the purpose of Previous Pattern, I commend that update idea as well. Being able to get to all the parts of song without having to duplicate them or predefine the order is just SO IMPORTANT. We are almost there (well, THERE, if you have the MM).

Cheers, and thanks again!