(Request) Looking for some Suicidal Tendencies

Anybody made any Suicidal beats? I’m mainly looking for How Will I Laugh Tomorrow, I Saw Your Mommy, Monopoly On Sorrow and Institutionalized

I can do a couple of these. Is OPB okay?

I’d prefer to be able to mod sections but honestly I’d be happy just to have some, thanks!!

Transcribing songs by S/T as beats poses a challenge because they have several tempo changes throughout each song. Although I’ve found MIDI source files, 3 of the 4 aren’t good enough for the task. I may end up having to back out of filling your request—we’ll see.

It’s ok if so, ST are some really technical dudes so I understand it can be difficult. I modify the way I play them too for that reason, I’ll just never be as good as Rocky George or Dean lol

I’ll give Institutionalized a shot and it’ll take me a few days to complete it.

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