Request old Rockabilly 1950 song beats

Hello, I’m new on this forum. I have bought the Beatbuddy yesterday.
I want to use It for old rockabilly. Know I am looking for the songs Rockin’ daddy from Eddie Bond and Suzie Q from Johnny Carrol.
Can anyone help me please.
Is there A tutorial how to make your one beats?


The Netherlands

It’s going to be tough to find MIDI sources for these 2 songs. It might be easier to try to match the beats and adjust the tempo using some of the default beats from either Singular Sound or Groove Monkee. You could try the Song Matching Tool to see if anyone has found a match:

There are several tutorials here on the forum but most of them are focused on showing users how to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) to make one-press format songs.

Waue Thanks for the excel file.
the songmatch I already know. But I coutn’t find the songs I was looking for.

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A collection only with Rockabilly Beats (including the percussive slaps) would be great, i hope that Goran Rista reads along :slight_smile:
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Checkout Groove Monkee as well They have all of the MIDI packs also pre-configured for BB as well!

Thanks, but not what I’m looking for.

You could look for old country too, or as it’s referred to, “Outlaw Country”. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, even Elvis have some very common rockabilly beats.

Thanks for the tip!