Request: Step by Step Workflow EZDrummer and Beatbuddy

Would anyone be able to outline (with images) a specific, simple end to end workflow for creating beats in EZDrummer and getting it to work in Beatbuddy. I know how to create a midi beat in Aria and how to piece together a Beatbuddy song with the manager importing midi clips into the song parts. But I’d like to get more sophisticated with a program like EZDrummer as it seems like the best and easiest for specific beat creation but before I buy EZDrummer, I’d like to be able to understand the steps to make the midi mapping work as I’m under the impression that this is the complicated part.

Thanks in advance

I don’t know anything about ezdrummer, but if it can export midi, you are close. The drum “instruments” in BB usually closely follow the General Midi standard, so if ezdrummer also does, they should line up fairly close. The drumkit editor in the BB Manager will show you what midi note each instrument is assigned to. Any midi notes that don’t have an instrument assigned are ignored by the beatbuddy

Thx for your response. I think it can export midi but not really sure about it and the overall steps from creation of a simple beat in EZDrummer to having it played in BB. Would like to know before I buy (or even free trial) so I can save time &/or money. But appreciate the response! thank you!

I was curious so i did a little research and found this mapping: (see attached)

Column B is roughly what bb drum kits follow… it looks like the ezdrummer kits have way more options for instruments, but if you do the ezdrummer correctly, it would map fairly easily. Can you make your own ezdrummer kits? If so, you could make one that mirrors the bb kit, removing all the extra ones, and use that to create the beats.

When I have grabbed some beats out of ezdrummer it is through using a midi editor such as Reaper. You assign ezdrummer vst to one of the tracks, open up the grooves section in ezdrummer and drag and drop the beat into the track in reaper and the midi file will be there. I think ezdrummer needs to be used in conjunction with a midi editor program. I could be wrong though.

Edit. Just had a quick look in ezdrummer folder and the midi’s are in folders there and can be loaded staight from there to beatbuddy when making a song.

I wrote about using EZDrummer a while back:

I wrote about using EZDrummer a while back:

Thanks @ruairiau but are you still planning on adding the pictures with your step by step? Also - do you need Reaper or could one use any DAW? I have Logic ProX

Probably not. What I describe is easy enough to follow without pictures.

I’d imagine any DAW will do the trick. I’m just a fan of Reaper though; I’ve even helped write some software for it:

It would be great to know how you get on with Logic ProX, I am thinking about getting it but if it doesn’t easily make midi for BeatBuddy using mapping for kits like World Percussion Fusion then I won’t be interested.