Requests drums for morphine - good

Hii! Can someone please help me for this drums
I would really appreciate !

This drums looks simple but I’m not familiar with the pedal yet so I need help :slight_smile:

Morphine - good


Thanks :v:

While waiting for a better solution, you could try the Rock 5- Jungle Toms at 89 bpm

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@renevmind Thanks for suggesting this, it fits in the rhythm but it’s not enough like the original for me to work on it, I hope someone could help me afterwards for this one

I might get to this. It had interesting bits. I really didn’t dig the Primus one, but that’s how it goes.

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oh it would be nice if you could do it, you would help me more than you already do, it would allow me to focus on the two projects that I have already published, I can understand for Primus the drums seem more complex with an unusual rhythm, but I hope to be able to work there one day too!
you do a very good job, i’m glad you take the time to help

This is my take on the song. It’s not nailed dead on by any means, but you can play the song to it.

Good.sng (9.5 KB)

Uses this kit, the one with bass:

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it’s cool for the kit i download it, I listened your version, earlier and it seems great to me, really, thank you, that will help me a lot, I’m very grateful.

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