Requests drums for mystery ship - Mystic tide

Hi! It’s been a long time that I would like to cover this 60’s psychedelic rock music not very well-known, if someone could help me I would be very grateful !!

Mystery ship - Mystic tide

Thankss :v:

This is interesting. I’ll see what I can do. Give me a week.

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Had some unexpected free time today. Try this, if you like it, I’ll post it to the Forum as a song, and I’ll probably add bass. Rock kit, 78 BPM.

Mystery_Ship.sng (3.4 KB)

The only real problem with it, aside from being a fairly minimal arrangement, is there are 3 distinct tempos in the original, and, or course, we don’t have multi tempo capabilities, yet. I did this at 78, which is the tempo for the main section through the guitar solo.

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Thanks a lot man that’s cool of you, but I tried to import it to bb manager and it shows me this :

I’ll check it when I get home later today.

I successfully imported and played it. In the past, this error message indicated use of an older version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Nowadays it might point to a file corrupted during the download.

Try downloading a new copy from your desktop (not a cell phone) and try importing it again.

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@persist I updated everything, now it works perfectly thanks for your help !

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@Phil_Flood So I could finally see what you did, it’s really better than I expected, thanks a lot!! it’s going to help me very much and if you still want to add some bass, it would be really really neat, I wouldn’t say no :relieved:

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@Phil_Flood thank you again for everything it’s great!