Requests for replacements of missing drum kits

As of this morning I have 29 kits in my BB Forum shared folder. That, by my count, handles all of the kits that have been requested, and several kits that I noticed were used in songs that were posted to the forum recently.

These kits can be found on this Forum in the Resources>Drum Sets section.

Additional kits may be requested by reply to this message, or via a personal message to me. Please check the kits that have already been posted BEFORE making your request. Requests for kits that have already been posted, or that have been replaced by a new kit, will be ignored.

Thanks for your cooperation. Remember, I don’t work for Singular. I do this for “fun.”


Hello Phil, first thank you for all your great work. Excuse my ignorance in BB forum navigation, but can you tell me if in the Resources>Drum Set folder there is the kit for:

Ringo Starr - IT DONT COME EASY (1.1) OPBk STAX 1.3

Thank you

Here on the new forum, in Resources>Drum Sets, there is a STAX harpsichord kit. The name is not exactly the same as what you’ll see in the song’s default, but it will work. install the kit, and select it from the song, and it will be the new default for that song.

Thanks for that

I have a number of oddball and one-off kits, since i like to experiment :slight_smile:

They are here: