Resource section adding sng.

I’ve searched the form and have found nothing related to importing user added content from the resource section. Downloading the zip file and extracting is no issue, importing is no issue. The problem is when you import the .sng file, it shows up in beatbuddy manager usually under the drum fill as song v1. No other sections are filled with content, there are usually other midi files in the unzipped folder. I’m sure I’m missing something or not understanding how to import user added content, can someone shed some light on what I’m doing wrong or missing? Thanks so much.

Sounds like you might be working with some of my songs. They don’t follow the default beats which are multi-part songs. Most of the time I include the source file (.mid extension) so users can roll their own or change the song if they so choose.
v1 is a drums one-press (DOP)
v2 is one-press bass (OPB)
v2 is and OPB that includes keyboard or other instruments

Many user created songs are what we call One Press songs. These will normally have the whole song in either the intro or outro and a file labeled blank or null as the main loop. That is normal. Some users create multi part songs that are similar to the factory content or the purchased files. Take a look at the All Night Long file that was recently added to Resources. These files have become the exception rather that rule, though, since the more prolific of us tend to use existing midi files to create content. These files will then generally be of the one part variety.

The bottom line is that if you are importing files using the Beat Buddy Manager File>Import>Song feature, and you see only a few parts, or only one part, you did nothing wrong. That is just the way the user created the song. Read the song description on the Forum to get some clue as to what is included in the download package, and, also, realize that some songs will require a specific drumkit that also needs to be downloaded, possibly unzipped, and then imported.