Restart behaviour for freeform loops in 6x6

Let’s say I record 6 individual drones, all different in length, but all building up slowly from silence in each beginning.
When I stop that entire loop and re-start it - the behaviour is really strange. All loops/tracks seem to re-start in messy ways right in the middle - none of them starts at the beginning.
Anyone here with the same experience?

Could you possibly send us a video of what you mean? If possible, sending us the zipped song file is also very helpful

Please forward any videos or files to

Thanks for reporting

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Hi Brennan,
here is a video I made. Please let me clarify: When I stop and hit playback again those three tracks I recorded play relatively absolutely correct to each other - just the way it was recorded. But in this case, when making totally freeform drone music it would be much better if all tracks started from their beginning. As you can see in the video Tr 1 is cutting in right in the middle and the calm effect is simply gone…

OK, question do you have sync tracks off?

Also not sure there’s much we can do about this, the Aeros is set to start from the longest track in the part because that track is now the base track and sets the stop and transition points

If your first track remains the longest track do you still have this issue?