RESTART from scratch / Can I set to Default?

Think Ive gone too far trying to get this to work. Ive been trying to learn what I need to do next but here I am 5ish days later & still cant get the project back over to my card. Now it says “No song” when I put the SD card back in the pedal …so now I have to reinstall the SD content. Once thats done, How can I just take this back to factory default?

if someone can just let me know how to reset card back to default,I’ll do ok hopefully

UPDATE: error dowloading Sd card files from beat buddy downloads. it says the file is empty and invalid.

Try exporting the project to the SD Card again, if that doesn’t work try exporting the project to another SD card maybe t is faulty (which would explain a lot). I thought you had already recreated the SD card once but I can’t seem to find any evidence of that.
You can set the settings of the pedal to its defaults but this is not that easy with the SD card unless you created a backup when first opening the project from the SD card as is recommended in the tutorial thread.
Otherwise you will need to download the SD card backup and copy its content to your SD card - but it appears you may have already done this.

You need to re-download the SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page. If you have problems downloading it, you may have some sort of “download manager helpers” installed on your computer that are causing issues.

I’ve tested this for you - I’ve downloaded the 326Mb archive. It took me exactly 3 minutes, and the archive is not corrupted - it unpacked without any errors. You may want to scan your computer for viruses and other malicious stuff.

In order for the pedal to work you need to make sure there are four content folders present on the SD card - DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS. They must be right on top of the SD card and not in any subfolder. Just extract these four folders from the SD Card Backup archive and place them to your pedal’s SD card.

ok, TY will work on doing this tonight. Thanx!