Restricting the midi Start/Stop Commands to broacast on certain channels?

When using Aeros as a transmitter, I noticed the start and stop commands are broadcast on all channels. Is there a way to only broadcast these on selected channels? If not, I suggest that this be a feature. There are devices in my midi chain that need to be clock sinked but I do not want them to see the start/stop commands. Thanks.

So I thougjt I had a solution for this, but it did not work because the midi stop command in the midi out section does not appear to work without having both the start and stop enabled. I am not sure if this is a bug or intended. I suspected it is a bug because I dont believe you would offer seperate control for each other wise.

What I did was stick a midi controller in front of the Aeros and programmed it with a cc113-101 for the Aeros and cc113-1 and cc113-0 to control the beatbuddy all on channel 1. I then disabled the Start and RPO in the midi out section, but left the Stop command enabled. It all worked great at first. When I tapped the midi controller, the Aeros and beatbuddy started up perfectly, but when I hit the all stop button on the Aeros, the Aeros stopped but the beatbuddy kept going. The only way I can get both the Aeros and beatbuddy to stop together is to go back into the midi out section and enable the Start command.

So my solution did not work because it appears the Stop command in the midi out section is not autonomous. In order for it to stop the beatbuddy, both start and stop need to be enabled. The will not work for me because the start command is put out on all channels and I need to have it on just 2. Can you make the midi out stop work correctly? Thank you.

IIRC, Start and Stop are not CC commands, but special commands that don’t include a channel.

The Aeros manaul states that the start, stop and time signature are put out on all channels when using the Aeros as a master. So I am not sure if this is meant figuratively or literally. Are you suggesting that they are embedded in the midi clock signal?

Regardless, functionally it behaves as if it is on all channels.

Do you know of a solution?

Thank you

These are what’s known as midi realtime messages, so it’s not really specific to the Aeros.

They don’t have or need a channel parameter.

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Thank you Steve. I am still learning.
Can you explain why the “Stop” command in the Aeros Midi Out settings does not stop the Beatbuddy when I disable the Midi Out “Start” command? Currently, the “Stop” command works as expected only when both “Start” and “Stop” are enabled in the Mid Out settings. If only the Stop command is enabled (Start is disabled), the Stop command has no effect on the Beatbuddy. It appears that the Midi Out Start and Stop commands are not autonomous. Is this a bug, or intended operation?
If I could disable the broadcast of the Start command, and have the Stop command function as expected, this would address may issue?

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Sorry, I’m just another Aeros user, and I don’t have a BeatBuddy. I’m sure someone else will know this though, maybe @BrennanSingularSound?

Hey there,

Unfortunately, this is not possible, you can definitely change when the Start command is sent, but you should not disable it when using it to sync with another device.

The Start and Stop commands sent by the Aeros and the BeatBuddy are Real Time Start and stop commands, meaning they will be sent across all channels. They are a form of sysex (system exclusive) MIDI command that is meant to be heard by all devices on all channels.

We could look into allowing the BeatBuddy Outro command to be sent even if the Stop command is disabled

Question, can you not use your MIDI controller to send both the stop commands for both units at once? That would solve the issue quickly if so.

Thanks for the question!