Retain drumkit across different styles


If I change the drumkit (for any style), and I then select a different style, the drumkit defaults back to Standard. For eg, change the drumkit from “Standard” to “Rock” for Blues 1. After using this setting, and then change to Blues 2, the drumkit defaults back to “Standard”.

Is there a way to retain the drumkit when changing styles? I want to retain the same drumkit across styles.

Yes, you can set the default drum set for any song you wish in the BBManager.

Same problem.
What if you don’t want to set a default. As in, actually call up different kits with different styles without it defaulting to “Standard”.
I hate to complain, since i’d like to love the BB, but it is anything but intuitive… if folks all have stable BB’s, props to you.

p.s. i just finished upgrading my firmware.

I’m pretty sure in the settings of the pedal itself you can disable default drum kit, which would just keep it on your current choice as you switch from song to song.