Retreiving Premium content songs

Hi All,

I had a problem with the manager(Windows v 1.6.5) so I reinstalled it. When I tried to synchronize my project it found a problem with The Rolling Stones Angie song, the main loop was missing so I deleted it.

How do I get the song back into the directory? i purchased the Premium Library on an SD card and cannot work out how to import the Rolling Stones folder back into the manager or recover the song.



Do you get an e-mail with the monthly updates? If so, there should be link to the complete library broken out folder by folder. If not, did you, b6 chance export the individual folders, or do you have a Rolling Stones .pbf File? If so, to import that, use File>Import>Folder.

If neither of those work for contact, contact customer service to see how to get access to the folder by folder breakout of the Complete Library SD card.

Hi Phil,

I did not save any of the folders in the premium library.


Do you have any emails from BeatBuddy Premium Library? If you do, the link is in there.

Hi Phil,

I cleared the SD card and re-copied the premium content library. All is going OK now. However, it would be useful to know how to extract folders/songs from the premium library,



Glad to hear you got it sorted it out.

When I bought the Premium Library, I knew I wanted to back it up, as I have had problems, over the years, with the BB Workspace getting corrupted, on occasion. What I did was create a backup folder on my hard drive, and then, one by one, use File>Export>Folder to export each folder onto that hard drive. That way, I then had a back-up of each one, and I could import any folder if and when I needed to. I see now, though, that when Singular provides the monthly updates, at then end of the e-mail, there is a link labeled “here is the package,” that, when downloaded and unzipped, has each folder, and each song, separately, ready for import individually.


Note the Chicago.pbf, (not the .pdf) which is the folder, and then, within each of the song folders, there are the individual parts of each song. The .sng files are not in those individual folder, but if you were to import the .pbf, you could then export the .sng files, again one by one, and have your individual back-ups.

Hi Phil,