Retrigger Current Part

Hi, Just another quick request. It would be very cool if resending the part CC for the Part you are on Retriggered the part from the beginning.

So say I am on Part 1 and i send CC113 value 101.

Aeros currently ignores this message as that is the part I thats playing.

It would be way cool if Aeros instead retriggered the loop… makes for some cool intros, pre choruses, changes etc…

Thanks so much

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I am actually thinking this feature would be better served having its own retrigger CCs and not using the current ones as having CCs ignored is useful as well.

Hey there,

We think this is a good idea, we will look into it!

Thank you!

** My version of this request copied from a different thread ***

Long term idea idea came to me today working on an arrangement. What if I could have an 16 bar loop, but before, say, the end of the 8th bar I could restart the loop from the beginning so that second 8 bars are skipped. The command as I see it would be called “Replay” or “Retrigger” and would abide by the Change Part rules for determining when it happens.

The use case is for creating a long segment of a song as the base track of Part, but then being able to reuse the beginning segment of the Part until you want the rest of the Part to play out … think subpart. Normally, you handle this by making 2 parts. The benefit of this though is you can track the base layer fully with only 1 record command and you get an extra part back for your arrangement (if you can make effective use of this, you’d have all sorts extension options across 6 parts). I think it’s very common to have 2 parts of a song where they are both very similar, but the 1st part is the more frequent loop and the 2nd part has a variation of the ending or some different accents that you occassionaly want to follow the 1st part.

Triggering the “Replay” command is a bit of a trick though … I know switches are a premium and there may already be plans for how to use them for other things. I was thinking perhaps a long press on the Next Track switch.

On paper I think this may sound a little unnecessary, but next time you are doing an arrangement and you are stuck on getting your song quickly off the runway or you are tight on Parts or have 2nd endings or transitions you need on the 4th time through a loop, think about it. You can always do it by hammering out discrete Parts, but the flow of this would be super-convenient and easy.