I have purchased the Retro Disco song folder but when I go to import,it gives me the Most Popular Covers volume 1 when the pbf file is marked retro disco beats .Im doing the same thing i always do when importing folder but this is happening weird? any ideas?

Anthony - That sounds like a screw up on Singular’s end, unless, of course, when you import the folder it has the same titles as you were hoping to get out of Retro Disco. I think you need to contact Singular’s Customer Support to get that fixed.

FYI, you could name a pbf anything you wanted to. So if you export a folder full of Most Popular Covers, but then name that folder Retro Disco, you would get exactly the error you are experiencing.

I have purchased it a couple of minutes ago, everything works fine.
Maybe you should download the files again?

yes i just tried redownloading and it worked

i just redownloaded and it worked thanx Phil