Return to live play after a long long delay - Willin'

A couple of rehearsals and dive back in. Even after years of playing together amazing how rust collects after a year and half. One of our favorites using Phil Flood’s platform in this case. White socks optional.Acoustic Drive - Willin' - YouTube


Would it be ok to link this on my YouTube page, pwilliemusic?

I would be honored. As I posted some time ago there are a few on this forum (including Persist, the other Phil and Joe in Ottawa) I owe a debt. The past handful of years with BB would never have had the beneficial impact on my music without your efforts including the detailed explanations in addition to the completed songs. I’ve learned to manipulate files with REAPER and the finished product has been gratifying. WIllin’ for us is maybe the best example of that.

PS - you might notice I learned the bass part note-by-note from your MIDI and play it in unison with your file. Since my bass goes direct to the mixer I think this method adds some body to it. Hey Coltrane played with two bassists.

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