Reversed Stereo when working with samples in BB ?

Hi there BeatBuddy users !

Working with stereo samples and BBM (BeatBuddy Manager) I noticed that the sound get reversed Stereo when synchronized to BB ?

As an example I pan the hi-hat (audio files) to the left and it sounds correct in BBM but after I synchronized with BB and listening with BB the stereo audio become reversed and Left become Right and vice versa ?

First I thought I had shifted some cables but listening directly from the BB via the Headphone jack confirms the problem !


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Is this with a drumkit you personally made, or are you using one of the included kits? BB drums generally are not panned, unless the maker of the kit panned the samples prior to building the kit.

Hi there !

Personally made !

I only use my own samples !

I reckon it would be great if we ourselves had some control over panning sounds in a drum kit for a good stereo spread. But there’s nothing in BeatBuddy Manager to do so. We really need some kind of mixer in there (BB Manager) so we can easily pan and change volumes of sounds relative to each other (yes I know we can alter individual drum volumes in the drum editor but it’s not the same as making quick changes in a mixer). Certain kits for example have way too loud open hi-hats for my liking when using the rock and punk beats & a quick and easy way of altering drum volumes would be really useful.

That is a whole other issue you’re talking about.

Panning Stereo files ? - Meh ! I don’t see the point in doing that !
Mono files yes but you loose the ambiance that makes drum come alive !

There is a real problem with the Stereo getting reversed after synchronizing to BB and I want it fixed !

Developers take notes :wink:

Interesting… I’ve built quite a few kits with panned samples, and I have not run into a pan switching issues. Very odd that it only occurs after a synchronize. I’m stumped.

Believe me I have checked every cable and connection and Right is Right and Left is Left !

You must have your cables switched somewhere :wink:

NOTE: What is left in BBM becomes right in BB ( and vice versa ) !

If it’s so important to you just plug left into right and vice versa - problem fixed! I was talking more about panning mono samples to achieve a good stereo spread by the way.

Sorry but I am NOT a half ass guy !

I prefer things done correctly or as Buddy Rich said:

If you can do it 100 % why not do it !

Let’s hear what the devs have to say about this issue !, it should be a fairly simple thing to fix I guess !

Anything… !

What about you persist ?

This must be a known issue ?

If other users have posted about this issue, I missed it.
If you wouldn’t mind uploading the file (zipped, please) or a link, I’ll try to replicate your symptoms.
Which versions of the BBM and firmware are you using?

Hi there persist !

Seems like anything can happen when working with computers !

Soooooo… ! :slight_smile: