Review of Groove Monkee loops in Beatbuddy Format

Groove Monkee came through and updated their licensed loops in BeatBuddy format! This weekend I received about a dozen packs in the new format from them that now work directly in BB without remapping.

I decided to make this video while comparing them to show the differences when using standard loops from ToonTrack’s EZDrummer vs. the new ones that Groove Monkey is now supporting. It shows how they look and sound in a midi editor and how the compatibility makes all the difference when working in EZDrummer on patterns to go to BB. Bottom line, it could save you a lot of time and money.

Explains the issue on my ‘building’ of songs … thanks for this…
another reason for an exclusive BB midi editor .:wink:

@Norbert can you please share how to get the Groove Monkee BB Loops?

Scroll to message 6 in the following thread

New package of 600 free loops from GrooveMonkee in addition to the original samples.

Hey guys, I just Downloaded the Groove Monkey midi loops package, some cracking beats, being a newbie to all this, can you tell me how I change the format of the midi files to Sng. so they are ready to load into my Beat Buddy manager then to my pedal like I do when I download from the posts on here ?
Cheerz Bob