Right angle power adaptor for BB - Is it 5.5m x 2.5mm?

I use right angle power adaptors on most of my pedals. This reduces strain on the components and allows the pedals to be packed a tad closer.

I have these connectors which are 5.5mm x 2.1mm. The do not fit due to the inner diameter I suspect.

Would a 2.5mm inner diameter connecter like this one work?

Can anyone confirm the official plug size? I see posts about 2.5mm and aslo about 2.2mm

The 2.5mm adaptor sort of worked, but not reliably. I lose power if it is jostled. Looks like the inner diameter is a tad bit too big so it makes contact, but just barely.

I had multiple 2.1mm adaptors and one just happened to fit perfectly. Small variations in tolerances in manufacturing?

@BrennanSingularSound is there an official spec for the BB power socket?

Here is the drawing of the power socket on BeatBuddy. PIN diammeter is 2.0mm. 214010004 亚豪 DC-022B图纸.PDF (105.4 KB)

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Love my BB. Singular Sound has made a great product. But why SS does not sell the replacement AC adaptor is beyond me. Make a profit. That is understandable and fine. Such an important component to the BB and something that can easily fry your BB if the incorrect one is used. Car lots normally sell tires too. Cell phone stores sell USB and AC cords. Just sayin’…

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Few pedal manufacturers do this. In fact many don’t even provide a power adaptor in the box!

It would be good for them to clearly list some recommended replacements with links to purchase off site. Perhaps do this in places on the main web site (Support/FAQ) and store (and avoid assuming if the info is in the forum, it is accessible).

Now if the 2.0mm socket is non-standard, this becomes a bit more problematic.

Excellent. This is above and beyond the call.

Seems like the industry standard is 2.1 (but that’s an overstatement).