Right Switch is Doubling the Function

I recently synchronized my pedal to update my project. While I was playing along with my pedal I used the right switch on my foot-switch to pause and it immediately un-paused when I lifted my foot. When I change to a different song, it skips to every other song because it is activating twice. One when I press down, and again when I lift up. Any suggestions on how to fix this so it only activates when I press down?

Step 1: Press ‘Drum Set’ knob and ‘Tempo’ knob both at the same time.

Step 2: Choose ‘Footswitch’ option (by pressing the ‘Tap’ button which is located above the ‘Tempo’ knob)

Step 3: Choose ‘Footswitch Detector’

Step 4: Follow instructions on screen

Thank you. That worked.