right switch Not detected

I received my BeatBuddy Friday. I am having trouble getting the pedal to recognize my right switch. I have verified continuity on stereo cable. Upgraded firmware to latest. Downloaded SD card files and replaced on my SD card. I also connected another pedal and still the pedal could not recognize the right switch. If I partially pull the TRS from the pedal it engages the right pedal tip and removes the left. The switch works. I have no problems with cable or switch failure. The pedal will not discover the right switch. All I can think of is a defective stereo jack??? or bad solder connection…BUT is there anything anyone can tell about the pedal settings or files needed to discover the switches??? I see a setting for retuning default settings which I did and still have to recognition. I have seen very few posts on this but the ones I saw do not indicate a hardware problem Is there a MASTER BeatBuddy reset??? I am not a novice to electronics…hold an engineering degree, have worked as a tech for many years too. I am hoping this is operator error on my where I am missing something…any help would be appreciated.

Try running the footswitch detector in the footwhich settings on the BB.

Press the ‘tempo’ and the ‘drum set’ down at the same time (this will bring you to the settings menu). Then Footswitch > Footswitch Detector - follow the instructions on screen.

Friends I am having the exact same trouble with the LEFT foot switch knob! It won’t recognize the click for the LEFT using foot switch detector, but it will recognize the right. Every time I click the right knob it automatically switches the right and left knob to make the right give accents. I;m thinking defective foot switch here. The left knob doesn’t “click” when tapped like the right one does. Theom do you feel a click on your right foot switch knob?

Theom do you feel a click on your right foot switch knob?

Yes …it clicks. I put another set of switches…it recognizes one and not the other. A switch that does not click is usually momentary…if yours does not click…I think it should…the click usually states you have switched to the other contact…momentary engages the contact but when released it goes back to the original position…thus momentary…it usually just shorts 2 contacts for as long as you hold it in…i think the BB footswitch is latching

In settings there is a swap setting…

i’ve used it to return the switches back to their respective left and right. But it still doesn’t recognize the left knob. It is assigned to accent while playing and song select when stopped. It is completely unresponsive on the pedal while the right pauses and unpauses like a champ.

Exactly what I experience!!!

Sonthis is not unique to just me

I have tried that many times and the right switch comes back as not detected. I push the left…nothing happens…if you read a post later…this same problem occurs for another member

as of now I am assuming a defective foot swtich and will be looking to exchange it immediately unless there is something I’m doing wrong

Theom I have no idea what’s happening here but suddenly both switches are working. I connected it to my computer USB wth the SD card in it and suddenly it began giving accent hits from the left switch. ???

Interesting…does it now function standalone without being on the USB connection?? By the way…the footpedal contains momentary switches. I did not try this…and this verifys it is software or firmware oriented not mechanical…will give it a try THANKS

Virtual BB plays accents via left switch…my right switch does nothing. I am porting the virtual project to the sd card to see if the left switch works

In the BBManager, the right switch does nothing. This is on purpose.

Regarding on the switches not being detected, you should test another TRS cable (two black circles on the metallic portion of the cable), just to ensure that the issue doesn’t originate from the cable itself.

I have done this 2X over…I have verified continuity of the cable…I then have used another cable with 2 other switches…from other equipment …one dual momentary…one dual latching… these are not ABY EITHER. The BB detects only the left switch and continues to say RIGHT not detected for both of these. I know what a stereo cable is trust me… Can you explain “the right switch does nothing” This is on purpose??? BUT should it be DETECTED even though there is not an assigned function??? I have upgraded to the latest firmware…I also have reinstalled the files from your website hoping that something was corrupt on my SD card. I have sufficiently checked the connecting hardware…I went as far as pulling the TRS cable partially out so the contact made is for the second switch …I verified both switches work on the footpedal…the cable checks…I used different stereo cables and switches…Is there anything else I am missing …I reset settings to default and started all over again…what else should I do…??? HELP!!!

Theom I came back to try and help ya man. I know you’ve got to be super disappointed at this point. Mine started working but it sounds like you’ve somewhat tried what I’ve done. I had already given up on the foot switch and was working on the main pedal with the foot switch still attached via TRS cable.

I’m working on a Mac and so far have found the Beat Buddy Manager to be confusing. I haven’t gone all the way through it but I had a lot of trouble getting it to create (or recognize) a “workspace”. In order to get it to work I had to download the “beat buddy backup” files and put them in the software’s default workspace. (Documents > BB Manager folder the software created upon install) I then used the menu to point the software to the BB Manager folder via Tools > Set Workspace Location. It recognized the files and imported everything into the BB Manager software.

I downloaded the Beat Buddy Beat Maker program and created a simple 4 bar beat with hi hat, kick and snare hits… I saved it into a folder I created called Custom Beats. Then I imported it into the BB Manager and created a new song in it with this beat. I saved it then closed BB Manager.

I then took all of the files in the BB Workspace folder and copied them onto the SD card and overwrote all of the files. It took several minutes to move the gigs of files over. I then inserted the SD card into the beat buddy and it booted up with my new song in the list and both of my foot switches were suddenly working.

It sounds like you’ve already tried taking the downloadable backup and putting those files onto your SD card. If you haven’t try doing so. If that doesn’t work then try the beat buddy maker softare, make a basic beat, save it, and then import it into the BB Manager software as a new song. Save it. Go to the BB Workspace folder and copy all of the files onto your SD card. Pop it in the BB pedal and see if the creation of a new song “woke” something up like it did on mine. I know it all sounds crazy, but I’m fully functional now.

\ ;lbv

Am I in some scenario where the software is not detecting input from the other side of the TRS??? Is there a total master reset other than just settings? You have to be using a micro that expects an input from the right side of the stereo jack? Either software or hardware is not detecting it. Hoping it is software oriented and not a hardwa

Hopefully you got my first reply???

Theom, I just connected the foot switch and turned on the Beat Buddy. My left foot switch is gone again. No response. Not detected. nothing.