rim shot or bass beat

How can I get (or where on BB do I find) just a bass beat for a couple measures to go in the middle of a song? or rim shot…
Thanks, just starting…

Decirte Que Lo unico Que Se Puede Hacer es mandar a elaborar los ritmos, en este momento esperar que lo publiquen es super dificil. Asi que si gusta yo tengo un amigo que hace los ritmos que se necesite. Saludos.

Sorry, Ivan…can’t read that. Still looking for a ballad type beat with rimshot instead of snare…anyone?

Ivan, please post in English so that all users might benefit from your input.

This is what it roughly translates to using Google Translate: “Tell you that the only thing that can be done is to send the rhythms, at this moment expect to publish it is super difficult. So if I like I have a friend who does the rhythms that are needed. Greetings.”