Rim Shots

What drum beats support or are programed to have rim shots

If you’re referring to the default content, probably none as the default drum sets don’t appear to include snare rim shots. This means that the default contents don’t have rim shots either.

In the premium library content, the Standard Pro has an electronic snare which probably isn’t what you’re looking for. The Funk Standard kit includes stick-on-stick snare and although there may be more content, I found this kit in use in the Funk folder and the Groove Monkee Retro Funk folder.

In the user-created drum sets, the SUB-Standard Pro kits also include electronic snare. The STAX series of kits from Phil_Flood include rim shots (this includes Motown Piano & Brass). The Warmfinger kit does too.

Thank you for the information - I have the Premium content and the free Groove Monkee content.
The funk kits have a nice sound but you are correct they do not have rim shots.
I have checked out both the other kits you reference (this includes Motown Piano & Brass, Warmfinger kit and the STAX series). I did not find with the loops and fills that I have that I got the sound that I was looking for. I am suspecting that I might need to edit one of the kits you mention to get the sound.
As a reference of what I am looking for - the song “Feed Jake” at about 2:30 min in has the sound that I am try to find. Your responses are most appreciated.

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